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Violations - CVC 21655.5

Carpool Carpool Carpool

California Vehicle Code Section 21655.5 - Exclusive- or Preferential-Use Lanes for High Occupancy Vehicles

(a) ...

(b) ...No person shall drive a vehicle upon those lanes except in conformity
    with the instructions imparted by the official traffic control devices.
    A motorcycle, a mass transit vehicle, or a paratransit vehicle that is
    clearly and identifiably marked on all sides of the vehicle with the
    name of the paratransit provider may be operated upon those exclusive
    or preferential use lanes unless specifically prohibited by a
    traffic control device.

(c) ...


Your Excuse
  1. Q: How long were on the carpool lane ?
    A: Less than 3 minutes or
    More than 3 minutes (that's too long, and its hard to argue)
  2. Q: Did you attempt to merge back into a non-carpool lane with your blinker light on ?
    A: Yes (that's good) or No
  3. Q: Did you attempt to avoid a collision to the front or from the rear so that you went into the carpool lane which is the only choice ?
    A: Yes (that's good) or No