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General Information (B)

Your Facebook ID
  • Q: What's your Facebook ID ?
  • Your TBWD (TR-205)
  • Q: When did you send your TBWD ?
    A: May 15, 2008 or Not Yet
  • Q: Did you mail your TBWD with Certifed Mail and Return Receipt ?
    A: Yes / No
  • Q: Did you ask someone to serve your TBWD ?
    A: Yes / No
  • Notice of Decision (TR-215)
  • Q: When did you receive your Notice of Decision ?
    A: July 15, 2008 or Not Yet
  • NOTE:
    If you are to be found Guilty, you should request for TDN (TR-220) within two (2) weeks.

    Request for TDN (TR-220)
  • Q: When did you sent out the request for TDN ?
    A: July 20, 2008 or Not Yet
  • Order Notice of TDN (TR-225)
  • Q: TDN Date/Time ?
    A: Aug 10, 2008 10:00 AM or Not Yet
  • Q: Court Name (City, State) ?
    A: Palo Alto Courthouse (Palo Alto, CA)
  • Q: Department Number ?
    A: Department 85
  • After TDN
  • Q: Name of Judge/Commissioner ?
    A: N/A
  • Q: What was the Judge's Ruling ?
    A: GUILTY / NOT GUILTY / Dismissed or Case to be Continued
  • Q: If TDN did not happen, when will it be ?
    A: Sept 1st, 2008 2:00 PM
  • Q: If TDN did not happen, where will it be ?
    A: Santa Clara Courthouse
  • Q: If TDN did not happen, which Judge has been assigned to hear your case ?
    A: N/A