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ViolationTotal Fine in California
(as of Jan 6th, 2010)
DescriptionTell us more
CVC 4000$256 - CVC 4000(A)No evidence of current registration
CVC 4159$178Notify DMV of change of address within 10 days
CVC 5200$178Display of license plates
CVC 9400$178 - CVC 9400(A,B,C)Commercial weight fees due
CVC 12500CVC 12500 (Unlawful to Drive Unless Licensed; Expired Driver License)Expired Driver LicenseTell us more
CVC 12814.6$214Failure to obey license provisions
CVC 12951CVC 12951 (Possession of License; No Driver License)No Driver LicenseTell us more
CVC 14600$214 - CVC 14600(A)Failure to notify DMV of address change within 10 days
CVC 16028$796 - CVC 16028(A)Failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility (insurance)
CVC 21453CVC 21453 (Circular Red or Red Arrow; Redlight Camera; Right Turn on Red)$436Red LightTell us more
CVC 21456CVC 21456 (Walk, Wait, or Don't Walk; Jaywalking)JaywalkingTell us more
CVC 21461Obedience by Driver to Offical Traffic ControlTell us more
CVC 21655.5CVC 21655.5 (Exclusive- or Preferential-Use Lanes for High Occupancy Vehicles; Carpool)CarpoolTell us more
CVC 21658CVC 21658 (Laned Roadways; Unsafe Lane Change)Unsafe Lane ChangeTell us more
CVC 21706CVC 21706 (Following Emergency Vehicle within 300 feets)Following Emergency Vehicle within 300 feetsTell us more
CVC 21806 CVC 21806 (Authorized Emergency Vehicles; Yield right of way)Emergency Vehicles - Yield right of way
CVC 21809$754Passing stationary emergency vehicle or tow truck
CVC 21950CVC 21950 (Right-of-Way at Crosswalks)Right-of-Way at CrosswalksTell us more
CVC 22101CVC 22101 (Regulation of Turns at Intersection; Illegal Turns)Illegal TurnsTell us more
CVC 22102CVC 22102 (U-Turn in Business District)U-Turn in Business DistrictTell us more
CVC 22103CVC 22103 (U-Turn in Residence District)$222U-Turn in Residence DistrictTell us more
CVC 22349CVC 22349 (Maximum Speed Law; Speeding above 55 MPH or 65 MPH)
  • $214 (1 to 15 miles over the limit)
  • $328 (16 to 25 miles over the limit)
Speeding (above 55 MPH or 65 MPH)Tell us more
CVC 22350CVC 22350 (Basic Speed Law; Speeding between posted speed limit and 65 MPH)
  • $214 (1 to 15 miles over the limit)
  • $328 (16 to 25 miles over the limit)
Speeding (between posted speed limit and 65 MPH)Tell us more
CVC 22356CVC 22356 (Increase of Freeway Limit; Speeding beyond 70 MPH)
  • $214 (1 to 15 miles over the limit)
  • $328 (16 to 25 miles over the limit)
Speeding (beyond 70 MPH)Tell us more
CVC 22400CVC 22400 (Minimum Speed Law; Impeding Traffic)Impeding TrafficTell us more
CVC 22450CVC 22450 (Stop Requirements; Stop Sign)$214Stop SignTell us more
CVC 22454CVC 22454 (Schoolbus; Meeting and Passing; School Bus Stop Sign)$616 - CVC 22454(A)School Bus Stop SignTell us more
CVC 22500$976 - CVC 22500(I)Parking in a bus loading area
CVC 22507.8
  • $976 - CVC 22507.8(A,B,C), first offense
  • $1876 - CVC 22507.8(A,B,C), second offense
Violation of disabled parking provisions
CVC 23123CVC 23123 (Use of Wireless Telephone While Driving; Hands-Free Operation Required; Cell Phone Talk)
  • $148 - CVC 23123(A)
  • $256 - CVC 23123(A) - for each subsequent offense
Cell Phone TalkTell us more
CVC 23123.5CVC 23123.5 (Text-Based Communication While Driving Prohibited; Cell Phone Texting)$148 - CVC 23123.5(A)Cell Phone TextingTell us more
CVC 23124$148 - CVC 23124(B)Minor drive using wireless phone
CVC 24250CVC 24250 (Lighting During Darkness; No Headlight)No HeadlightTell us more
CVC 24400CVC 24400 (Headlamps on Motor Vehicles; No Headlight)No HeadlightTell us more
CVC 26708$178 - CVC 26708(A)Unlawful material on vehicle windows
CVC 27150$178 - CVC 27150(A and B)Adequate muffler required
CVC 27315CVC 27315 (Mandatory use of seat belts)$148 - CVC 27315(D and E)Mandatory use of seat beltsTell us more
CVC 27360$436 - CVC 27360(A and B)Mandatory use of child passenger restraints
CVC 27400$178Headsets/Earplugs over both ears
CVC 27803$178 - CVC 27803(A,B,C)Motorcycle safety helmet requirements
CVC 34506.3$616Commercial Driver - Log book violation
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